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SECUWEST corporate investigation in Breda specializes in investigating crime in the transport sector. From cargo theft to fraud and corruption, we offer a wide range of investigative services to keep your logistics operations safe.

Een witte vrachtwagen in een dock waar transportcriminaliteit zou kunnen plaatsvinden

Cargo theft

Cargo theft is a growing problem in the transportation sector. Our experts use advanced tracking and monitoring technologies to track stolen goods and identify the perpetrators.

Corporate theft

Internal theft can also be a major problem in the transportation industry. We help you identify weaknesses in your security and detect internal theft.


Embezzlement of company assets can have serious financial consequences. Our specialists are trained to recognize and investigate such activities.

Corporate fraud

Whether it's false invoicing or freight data manipulation, corporate fraud can seriously harm your business. We provide thorough investigations to uncover such activities.

Insurance fraud

Insurance fraud, such as submitting false insurance claims, can lead to higher insurance premiums for your business. Our experts can help gather evidence to prove such fraud.

Corporate espionage

In the transport sector, corporate espionage can lead to the loss of sensitive information such as customer data and logistics plans. We offer comprehensive services to minimize such risks.

Non-competition clause

Violating a non-compete agreement can expose your company to serious risks. Our experts can help gather evidence for legal action against offenders.


  • Specialized expertise in the logistics sector

  • Advanced tracking and monitoring technologies

  • Cooperation with local and international authorities

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